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FLOvate / LEAP Website

Ipswich, Suffolk

Website design
Web management
Web maintenance

March 2014 – October 2020

FLOvate uses their website to promote the LEAP Low-code Platform, their process management software solution. LEAP can be implemented for a wide variety of processes with out-of-the-box solutions for complaints handling, claims and policy management, and can be tailored for bespoke processes with examples including staff, repair, and stock management.

The website is built on WordPress, with the current version using a modified Hestia theme. The site is fully responsive, with page layouts created using WP Bakery (a visual block editor).

Previous versions have used other themes, with page layouts being built using responsive short-codes.

This work was created whilst in the employment of FLOvate. Company website is now defunct due to acquisition and rebrand to MICology.