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LEAP Animation & Demonstration Videos

Ipswich, Suffolk

Promotional animations
Screen-captured demonstrations

March 2014 – October 2020

FLOvate YouTube

FLOvate uses videos to promote and demonstrate their software solution, LEAP.

Promotional videos feature animation and voiceover; covering topics such as low-code, claims management, and process replacement. These videos are showcased on the FLOvate website on relevant pages and dedicated blog posts, and on social networks such as LinkedIn.

Demonstration videos are created in collaboration with Business Analysts, who capture the process being demonstrated before passing the recordings on to be edited and polished ready for presentation to clients.

Videos are created using After Effects and Illustrator.

Below are a few examples, more can be viewed on FLOvate’s YouTube channel.

This work was created whilst in the employment of FLOvate. Company has since been acquired and rebranded to MICology.

LEAP Animation video (2019)
LEAP Animation video (2016)
LEAP Product Demonstration video (2017)